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What is FarmCorps?

FarmCorps is a program of the Alabama Farmers Federation connecting farmers who need labor with military personnel looking for work during the coronavirus pandemic. National Guardsmen, reservists and veterans qualify for FarmCorps.


“Farmers and military personnel are both critical to national security, whether safeguarding our food supply or protecting our borders,” said Federation President Jimmy Parnell. “During this pandemic, workers across all industries have been laid off, and servicemen with civilian careers are no exception. Meanwhile, farmers are heading into the summer growing season and are looking for skilled, hard-working help. We’re grateful for this opportunity to thank the men and women who serve our country.”

The Federation is coordinating the program with the National Guard. FarmCorps has garnered support from U.S. Rep. Robert Aderholt, R-Alabama.


“The stability of our food supply is a vital necessity for the security of our state, especially in uncertain times like today,” Aderholt said. “I am proud to support FarmCorps, connecting hard-working National Guardsmen, reservists and military veterans with jobs to keep Alabama’s agricultural industry strong and provide food for American families. I thank Alfa for driving this initiative and the military personnel who will continue to serve the American people through FarmCorps.”


The FarmCorps concept originated in Arkansas as a collaboration with Arkansas Farm Bureau and U.S. Rep. Rick Crawford, an Army veteran and House Agriculture Committee member.

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